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Bay Ridge Movers

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Moving & Packing Tips From Bay Ridge Movers

Packing Tips

  • Always tape the bottoms & tops of boxes
  • Do not overpack a box
  • Use small boxes for heavy items (books, papers, tools, etc.)
  • Medium Boxes for toys, kitchen items, etc.
  • Large Boxes for lightweight items (shades, linens, clothes)
  • Specialized Boxes for dishes, china and crystal
  • Use plenty of Bubble Wrap or Wrapping Paper for fragile items
  • If it’s worth packing – then it’s worth packing right
  • Fragile and heavy items need separate boxes
  • Do not place breakable items on the bottom of the box


All New York City moving companies will be able to supply boxes meant for household goods and specialized for particular items. There are boxes for clothing (hanging or folded), dishes and china, mirrors and artwork, electronics, etc. Ask your mover for more information and ask if he can deliver boxes and packing materials to your home without a delivery charge.


Try to avoid “end of the month moves”. Most leases will expire at the end of the month, that means that a great many people will be trying to move at the time. Be prepared to plan well ahead to be certain that a mover will have enough time to move your possessions. The same timing problem applies to weekends. When the end of the month coincides with the a weekend, the problem becomes even more important to you.


You will need to check with your insurance agent about whether you possessions will be covered during a move. You may need to purchase an additional insurance.


Most moving companies can either provide or arrange for storage for their customers. There are two kinds of storage: containerized and self storage. There advantages to both types. If you are going to need storage, be sure to ask your mover for advice.


  • Label all boxes and keep an inventory
  • Tape the bottoms and tops of all boxes
  • Plan early
  • Check you insurance policy
  • Notify the post office and utility companies


  • Do not pack perishables or flammables
  • Do not over pack boxes – they will split open
  • Do not pack jewelry or money – take that yourself
  • Do not pack heavy items in large boxes. It will slow down the movers and be the cause of damages.